Zoning Commission

The Johnson Township Zoning Commission recently completed drafting portions to, and editing portions of, the existing Resolution. The topics involved in this edit can be best grouped and summarized as follows:

1.  addition of "Solar Energy Systems" requirements (added Section 1012 - Article X)
2.  addition of "Pond" requirements (added Section 1015 - Article X)
3.  change from "Roadside Stands" to "Roadside Sales" requirement (changed Section 1019 - Article X)
4.  changes involving zoning districts, particularly those pertaining to 'conditional use'. Impacted sections are Article II, III, V, VIII, and the "Official Schedule of District Regulations",
5.  changes to better enable enforcement: 
"="" src="/images/emoticons/emoticon-tongue.png">re"> Uninhabitable (Section 1006 - Article X) 
"="" src="/images/emoticons/emoticon-tongue.png">re"> Undesirable conditions (Section 1018 - Article X), and 
"="" src="/images/emoticons/emoticon-tongue.png">re"> Penalties for violations (Section 350 - Article III)
6.  changes resulting from simplifying, reorganizing and updating Article X requirements. Changes were also made in this section to enhance consistency in terminology throughout the entire Resolution.

The first two additions (1 and 2) result from recognizing that the needs have yet to be addressed. The changes (3 through 6), in general, result from a complete reevaluation of requirements following many reviews of township resident input from the last questionnaire circulated throughout the township (August 2010). Residents' responses are reflected in the changes identified in the "Official Schedule of District Regulations" with appropriate text changes also made to applicable sections of the Resolution (sections which reference the "Official Schedule of District Regulations).

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Zoning land for agricultural preservation

The purpose of zoning land for agricultural preservation is so that prime and unique farmland may be converted to urban use last,
~ Ron Moore

Information for Johnson Township Farm Owners
Check out Champaign Land Trust, a 501 (c)(3) conservation organization, a land trust, that works in and around Champaign County.
Mission: To preserve agricultural land, scenic open land, wildlife habitat, forests and other lands of significant natural and historic value and to educate the public about private land conservation.
They work with land owners to place conservation easements on their properties and at this point have protect more than 600 acres of farmland, woods, streams and wildlife habitat using conservation easements. There are over 1600 land trusts in the United States.
For more information, please contact:

Champaign Land Preservation
Janet Ward, President
P O Box 38154
Urbana OH 43078

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Questionnaire & Aug 22nd Meeting Announcement

As a result of your responses to the township questionnaire sent out last year, we have been considering a variety of changes to the existing Zoning Resolution that are intended to reflect your collective thoughts and specific comments from that survey. This has been an ongoing process that continues to be addressed at each Commission meeting since the questionnaire results were tabulated and made available for your review.

The next Commission meeting, August 22, 2011 (see the calendar), will continue to address these changes. We invite, and strongly encourage, you to be part of the process as the Commission draws closer to finalizing the zoning changes that will soon be formally presented to you. At this meeting, a representative from the Logan, Union and Champaign Regional Planning Commission plans to be present. You can feel free to address any thoughts, issues, or concerns you may have regarding zoning and the regulations at this time.

See you then,

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Welcome to our newly created website.

Welcome to our newly created website. We intend to expand this over time
to help serve your township needs. Any features you would be interested in
seeing added as we expand the capability of this site, please come to one of our
meetings and let us know. We plan to have a link to an email account, along
with other linking features, to accommodate your responses in the near future.

Upcoming Scheduled Meetings:

Township Trustee Meeting:
Commission Meeting:

Location for both meetings:

All township meetings are always open to the public. Please check our calendar
for all future events. Click on the link to the right.

Monday, May 16, 2011; 7:30 PM
Monday, May 23, 2011; 7:00 PM

1939 Apple Rd; Saint Paris OH

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